Krayt dragon scale

+7 Health

Krayt dragon scale 15

15 Health

Krayt Dragon Scales are shed from Krayt dragons in the process of regrowth of new scales. This is a regular occurance. Some scales are detached through conflict, these scales are deemed valuble by hunters and collecters alike, some hunters choose to fashion armor and acessories from these scales.

Krayt Dragon Scales used to be looted from any Krayt Dragon and mostly dropped in stacks between 6-13 parts, however they've been removed from the loot tables a while ago.

The Krayt Dragon scales are still useable in the crafting process of (Battle) armor segments and provide additional health. Added health range is from +5 to +15.

Stacks of 7 or more with +15 Health might be highly valuable to players interested in crafting a set of armor with a health bonus.

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