LC-92 Antagonist

An Antagonist

Game InfoEdit

One of several models of aggressive Battle Droids designed, developed, and built at Stonewall Labs near Dee'ja Peak on Naboo after the Battle of Naboo, based on old Neimoidian Trade Federation models salvaged from the battles.

Since Stonewall was deserted, the droids have continued their patrol programs, and the area around the lab is thus very dangerous.

Statistics Edit


  • Natural Level: 26
  • HAM: 3353
  • Aggressive: Yes
  • Stalker: No
  • Deathblows: No
  • Social: No
  • Tamable: No
  • Mountable: No
  • Difficulty: Normal


  • Ranged

Resources / Loot

  • Bone type: n/a
  • Hide type: n/a
  • Meat type: n/a
  • Milk type: n/a
  • Loot: random loot

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