PA Name: Light Academy PA Abbreviation: Light PA Mission Statement:

We're a small group of individuals who are focused on making the server better. We are focused on the path of the Light. We roleplay in general chat. Most of our characters are Jedi, however, we also have a group of characters who are our support core.

To join Light Academy, simply contact one of our members to begin the entry process. You can contact us in game, or on our forums. Our guild structure is loosely based on the old Jedi council and Academy.

As my old trainer once said to me, "You must have structure in order to know what to do next.

Number of members: 3-4? Number of active members: 2-3

PA activity - (how many people are normally on): Usually myself. When Rayen gets on there's a guild party. Location: Valos City, Talus Accepting new members: Always Requirements to be considered for membership: (such as faction, profession, attitude, etc.) :

1. Have fun! We're all playing this game for that sole purpose, so I intend to keep that idea going.

2. TOS If SOE doesn't like it, neither do I. Exploiting, chatting about exploiting, EMU servers or anything else against TOS policies is not tolerated. You will be warned once, and then kicked. I need to protect the integrity of the guild, and I will do everything in my power to do so.

3. Role-play If we're in a RP event, try to use semi-proper English. I'm not going to care if you misspell a word by accident, or even use an improper "there", just spell out your words. U, UR, 2, etc. just ruins the fun of Role-Playing.

4. Respect Treat each other with respect. Don't harass guild members or other players.

5. Absence If you aren't going to be around for awhile, let someone know. We aren't going to kick you, but we want to know. Otherwise we'll worry about you!

6. Volunteer! We want people to help out the guild and the server! If you are good at something, let us know. The more you do for the guild, the more you get out of it!

Website URL:

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