Light Side Order




West of Yonder, Dantooine (Metropolis, Improved Job Market)

East of Yonder, Talus


LSO is a Rebel Guild that was formed from two existing Rebel PA's (FLAIL and MCT). Both FLAIL and MCT are Guilds that have been in existence since the Launch of SWG in 2003. We Currently have over 100 active members and we are very active in the GCW. We have an alliance with a number of other Rebel Guilds on the server and are obligated to help defend their cities and bases should they come under attack.

Weekly Events

Our Weekly Events are usually voted on during the week by all the guild members and we hold them on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday evenings). We do Guild Hunts, Base Raids, Player Made Events, Parties and we are currently putting together a jump to lightspeed squadron.

Council Members

Ahnch Ryhou - (Weaponsmith, Artisan, Freelance Pilot)

Dahboo - (Jedi Knight)

Deblo Emit - (Jedi Padawan)

Jelaward spectro

kazz hiya - (Jedi Padawan)

KOTAKIS - (Jedi Padawan)


wokka - (Jedi Padawan, Teras Kasi Artist)

Joining LSO:

We Currently accept Rebel and Neutral Aligned Players. Imperials are accepted under special circumstances (must get approval from the council leaders). We accept veterans and players that are new to SWG. For more Information, please contact one of the Council Members and also visit our website located at the following link...

LSO Homepage

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