How to Kill Edit

Basically the Lambda is somewhat lacking in frontal firepower, whilst the back turret can really eat you up. To kill this shuttle, boosters or a pretty fast engine are needed (this is only for same Tier pilots in relation to the Lamdba). Firstly you need to find out which ways the Lamdba is going and get in line. Next you boost forward to say, 400m directly in front of the shuttle. Then turn around and blow the shuttle up. Note that you should keep your speed to zero while shooting so it increases the time you are shooting.

Star Wars LoreEdit

From the OS Databank.


An elegant example that stands apart from typical brutish Imperial engineering, the Lambda-class shuttle is a multi-purpose transport used in the Imperial starfleet. The Empire pressed the shuttle into service for both cargo ferrying and passenger duty. Even the Empire's elite, like Darth Vader and the Emperor Palpatine used Lambda-class shuttles. With a trihedral foil design, the craft bears a strong resemblance to Incom's popular T-16 skyhopper. It has three wings: a stationary center foil and two articulated flanking wings. When in flight, the side wings fold out for greater stabilization. When landing, the wings fold in, shrinking the vessel's silhouette.

Prior to the Battle of Endor, the Rebellion managed to steal a small Imperial shuttle, the Tydirium. Refitted and filled with a squad of Rebel commandos, the Tydirium breached the security screen around the second Death Star to start the events that would lead to the Battle of Endor.

The well-armed vessel has two forward-facing double laser cannons, two wing-mounted double cannons, and a rear-facing double laser cannon. It is equipped with a hyperdrive.

Expanded UniverseEdit

Sienar Fleet Systems developed the Lambda-class shuttle, with subcontractor Cygnus Spaceworks developing a heavier, combat-ready version of the craft armed with 10 laser cannons. Though designed primarily for space travel, the shuttle's broad wing surfaces give it stable atmospheric maneuverability. Its large interior hold can carry 20 soldiers, or 80 tons worth of cargo. Since the craft is hyperspace-capable and well-armed, Lambda-class shuttles do not require a military escort, though the increasing threat of Rebel forces meant that these ships rarely traveled alone.

The Emperor's Lambda-class shuttle was heavily modified, though its exact design specifications remain classified. It was rumored that Palpatine's personal craft even carried a prototypical cloaking shield.

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