The Homestead

Level: 14


Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher


The Lars Homestead is a Tatooine POI which awards a badge for visiting it. It is the site of the Lars family massacre from A New Hope, and is the childhood home of Luke Skywalker. The POI plays a role in the Legacy Quest, detailed below.

Travel to the Lars Homestead (-2575 -5517) and talk to Zef Ando when you get there. Zef is having some trouble with his droids. They have gone haywire and are about to blow up the vaporators! To disarm the bombs before they blow, run over to Zef’s harvester (-2581 -5640) and click on the harvester to disarm the bomb. Be careful - there are malfunctioning Battle Droids (CL16) guarding the area. There is also time limit, so be quick. If you fail you must apologize to Zef. He will then give you a quest to kill 10 Greater Desert Womp Rats (CL20, found at /way tatooine -2492 -5393).

Once you have dealt with the bomb (or the rats), return to Zef to get a datapad placed in your inventory. Open your inventory and right click Zef’s Datrapad, and select Download data. This will complete the Quest.

Following Quest: Jawa Tracks >>

Star Wars LoreEdit

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