Lava Skiff

Lava Skiff


Let's go!

Lava Skiffs are durable work vehicles used for industrial work on the lava planet of Mustafar.


  • Speed: Good
  • Acceleration: Good
  • Climb: Good
  • Turn: Good


  • No-Trade
  • Carries 2 people
  • Hitpoints: 1500
  • Can be customized with a Vehicle Customization Kit
  • If disabled, can only be restored by using a Vehicle Restoration Kit
  • Immune to Lava Damage
  • Gives a 20% Ranged weapon Avoidance bonus to the driver and his host

How To ObtainEdit

The Lava Skiff is granted through a deed dropped by the Dark Jedi Lord Vartonis, a final boss in the Fate of the Galaxy questline.

Source: Corellia Times Consumer Reports: Vehicles - Star Wars Galaxies website

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