Level: 35


  • 14255xp
  • 15000 credits


Jark asks you to go rough up a few Ragtags south of the city (-5678 -2849). One of them has a note linking the Ragtags to the Deflarians - just the evidence Jark needs. He knows of a meeting about to take place, that you are going to crash.

The meeting (-6025-3248) is a loose gathering of the following:

  • Ragtag mercenaries (CL37)
  • Deflarian agents (CL37)
  • Jori (CorSec traitor) (CL37)

Captain Jark needs you to kill 8 Ragtags, 2 agents, and the traitor Jori, who should have something on him about the city defences. Once all are dead, return to Jark.

Next: Ragtag First Strike

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