A lightsaber crafting toolkit

Every Jedi needs a lightsaber for combat. Lightsaber Crafting Toolkits are used to make lightsabers with the schematics you receive from the Jedi profession roadmap. To use the tool you will need the proper resources, these resources vary between the different Generations of lightsaber. To acquire this kit, buy it from a vendor/player or make it yourself with a Generic Crafting Tool

A First Gen. Lightsaber will need little and basic resourses, while a Fourth Gen. Lightsaber will need more amounts of advanced resources. After collecting the needed resourses, there is the option of creating a One-handed saber, a Two-handed saber, or a Double-bladed saber. There are 12 different appearances/designs for both One-Handed and Two-Handed hilts, but only two different appearances/designs for the Double-bladed hilt. You are also given the option to give your Lightsaber a name.

Once you complete the crafting process, the crafted Lightsaber will appear in your inventory. However, before using it you must have 1 Color Crystal installed in the lightsaber (these change the color of your saber).

Each Generation of Lightsaber has a different amount of space for installing Crystals. Instead of Power Cyrstals, Kraytt Dragon Pearls can be used. The give better stats depending on the quality, same as cyrstals.

Training Lightsaber: 1 Space (1 color crystal)
First Generation Lightsaber: 2 Spaces (1 power crystal and 1 color crystal)
Second Generation Lightsaber: 3 Spaces (2 power crystals and 1 color crystal)
Third Generation Lightsaber: 4 Spaces (3 power crystals and 1 color crystal)
Fourth Generation Lightsaber: 5 Spaces (4 power crystals and 1 color crystal)
Fifth Generation Lightsaber (collection reward): 6 Spaces (5 power crystals and 1 color crystal)

Pop in a color cystal, equip it and you're ready to go!

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