Track Info Edit

"This is one of the longest and most arduous races in the galaxy. Don't bother with it unless you have the time and stamina. The Empire doesn't come here often, so it gets a lot of use from swoopers looking for an illegal race. The trouble is most of them do not complete the marathon. Beware of dangerous beasts, pirates, confusing mazes and a very large and active volcano."

This track is VERY VERY big (25+ mins). Bring armor and an AV-21 or a BARC (a must).

Guide Edit

The Lok Marathon Race is one of the Swoop Race Tracks available in Star Wars


Starting location : Lok - Nym's Stronghold - Waypoint 630 5055

Track map

  • Start/Finish 630 5055
Just head to the first waypoint
  • Corsair Flow 946 4634
Just keep heading down the river to the next leg.
  • Mosseru Run 1065 3156
The next spot is about 4k away. If you have an AV-21, just set her on auto pilot. Oh, but once you get there you have to make your way through The Great Maze of Lok (Map). Once you get to the center, you have to get out. I can see many losing by just a few seconds because they couldnt get out of the damn thing.
Head out of the maze to the next waypoint. Easy.
  • The Old Great Wall 3337 -2425
Once you get to wall, head to the next waypiont. Once you get there, some cool music should play.
  • Base of Mount Chaolt 3364 -3819
Get ready to hike because your going up a hill. This will kill swoop riders. Guess what? More cool Music.
  • Mouth of the Beast 2962 -4546
Just keep going, nothing new.
  • East Rim 3080 -4671
Move along.
  • South Rim 3009 -4798
Move along.
  • West Rim 2893 -4782
Off the volcano and to the river.
  • Keldarin Highlands 2744 -4458
Dont cross the river, keep the right and head to the next leg.
  • Spine Snake River 509 -2924
Now you must cross the river to get to the island.
  • Perlek Patch -497 -624
Off the island and start back home.
  • Nine Day Island 427 705
Just keep heading up the river.
  • Grendin River 838 2738
Move along.
  • Smuggler's Bend -19 4059
Move along.
  • Stronghold Boundary -26 4558
Head to the gate.
  • West Gate 275 5073
Head back to the droid and finish the race.
  • Finish Line 630 5055

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