Server: Ahazi

Planet: Lok

Population: 65

Government type: Monarchy (see also: Longknife Royal Family)

Alignment: Neutral (with high Imperial population)

Taxation: None

Guild Name: Longknives

Guild Abbreviation: LK

Special Members: Malikira (Royal Highness), Saaske (Royal Librarian), Allera (High Priest)

Special Requirements: Roleplayer

LKV Forums Located at

About The City Edit

Founded by Imperial decree following Emperor Palpatine's Proclamation for the Restoration of Order. Longknife Valley sits upon the ruins of Longknife City, the ancient capital of Lok. Longknife City along with Nym's Stronghold was destroyed by Trade Federation forces while Longknife Royal Forces aided Queen Amadala during the battle for Naboo. The loss of the capitol and the resulting chaos forced the Longknife Royal House into exile, however, standing at the ruins of the ancient palace, Lady Kylana Longknife, Grandmother of today's Royal Family, decreed that one day the Longknife Family would return to Lok.

Lady Kylana's pledge seems to have been fulfilled by the Imperial Office of Royal Affairs who has charged the Royal Family with restoring order to the chaos that resulted from the desolation, occupation and eventual abandonment of Lok by the Trade Federation as well as the unification of and communication between the independent cities of Lok. For more information please see the history of the Longknife Royal Family.

== Points of Interest ==

Server Name Planet (Nearest Starport) Waypoint
Ahazi Longknife Royal Palace Lok (Nym's Stronghold) -1299 3337
Ahazi Ruins of Longknife City Lok (Nym's Stronghold) -1067 3571
Ahazi Shuttleport Lok (Nym's Stronghold) -1221 3346
Ahazi Slave Trader Cantina Lok (Nym's Stronghold) -1244 3178
Ahazi Longknive Valley Mall Lok (Nym's Stronghold) -1567 3156
Ahazi Artisans Association Warehouses Lok (Nym's Stronghold) -1647 3527
Ahazi Mustafar Supply Company Talus (Imperial Outpost) -2499 2411

For Players Edit

Longknife Valley is a city and guild exclusively for roleplayers. There are no professional requirements for joining. The city has been founded by a select group of SWG and Roleplaying veterans who have invested heavily in the funding and design of the city. Longknife Valley is operated by a Veteran player with over 2 years exp. In the past she has managed a guild of approximately 275 players and a city of over 400 residents on a different server. She has always enjoyed roleplaying and has turned her talents to making a large beautifully designed city exclusively for roleplayer residents and both roleplayer and non-roleplayer visitors.

Due to the heavy investment of time and personal resources (millions and millions and millions of earned in-game credits) by the founders, and combined with the game's requirement of voting for city operation, those wishing to join (and those cities wishing to merge with Longknife Valley) must agree to the roleplay that Longknife Valley is a Monarchy and vote for Melikara (the head of the local Royal family) in the cities elections and further must agree never to run for office in Longknife Valley.

Learn More About the Roleplay Edit

Before you join you might also want to read the Longknife Royal Family Page and the articles available on the Davied Longknife Page.

To Join Edit

Contact any of the following (in game)

- Melikara Longknife (Her Grace the Dutchess of Longknife Valley Lok)

- Kylana Longknife (Lady Longknife)

- Albany Longknife (Lady Longknife)

- Stesha Longknife (Lady Longknife)

- Antha Inior (Prime Minister of Longknife Valley)

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