Level: 37



Bannoc G'noc (-4727 -1902), a Bith in the Escaped Slave Camp near Tyrena on Corellia wants you to rescue a woman named Narlissa who was kind to him when he was imprisoned at the Corellian Slaver Bunker (-6406 -2141). It is useful to complete Incriminating Evidence in order to have access to all the levels of the bunker before you attempt this quest.

Travel to the bunker, and access the second level. Find a Timid Guard (-6394 -2037) and speak with him. He feels awful about working here, and wants to help you. He tells you that you can find Narlissa's location in the detention block at the Security Override Terminal (-6258 -2000). Once you have the information, take the elevator (-6300 -2029) down to the detention level, kill all four guards (CL38), and find Narlissa. Look in the cell at (-6337 -2092), you will find a warm corpse and a datapad. Use the datapad and read Narlissa's diary to learn of her sad fate. This updates the quest; mission complete, return to Bannoc G'noc to end the quest.

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