Luthin Dlunar

I'm doing a little recruiting... you look like our type.

Game InfoEdit

Luthin Dlunar represents an organization that encourages loyalty and discretion, he just won't say which organization until you have proved yourself to him. He can be found in Bela Vistal in one of the main halls (6692 -5607). Luthin's quests give no XP for completion. However, they are a good story and should be done for their content alone.

Part One: S'larr S'loannEdit

Level: none


  • 750 credits

Luthin says that you can prove your worth to the as-yet unnamed organization by finding an ex-member of the organization who left owing some money and finding the bank codes on his person. He won't give these up peacefully, he adds.

Travel to the waypoint Luthin provides. You will find S'larr S'loann (CL2) who is none too pleased to see you. Before he dies, he says that he knew that the "Black Sun" (!) would send someone after him. Return to Luthin for your reward.

Part Two: Gnurr FenkelEdit

Level: none


  • 1000 credits

Luthin says you did well - so well that he wants you to be the one who takes the codes to his boss, Gnurr. He says that Gnurr is expecting you, and will give the right password. If it's not Gnurr, kill them and take the codes back to Luthin. Simple enough.

On your way to Gnurr you will be attacked by Thugs (CL4), and once you get to Gnurr be sure and "Converse" with him using the radial menu so as not to attack him. He sends you back to Luthin for your reward. This ends the quest.

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