Schematic Obtained In: Engineer >> Novice Droid Engineer
Skill Needed to Use: None
Item Type: Deed >> Droid Deed
Resources Required:

  • 20 Metal
  • 15 Chemical
  • 12 Metal
  • 15 Metal
  • 6 Metal
  • 1 Droid Service Module Harness (Optional)

Complexity: 15
Requires: Weapon, Droid and General Item Crafting Tool
XP Gained: ????
Relevant Experimental Properties:

  • Durability
    • Shock Resistance: 50%
    • Unit Toughness: 50%
  • Effectiveness
    • Overall Quality: 100%
  • Quality
    • Shock Resistance: 50%
    • Unit Toughness: 50%

Notes: This is a deed for a custom crafted droid unit. To use this deed, use the READY DROID UNIT option and your droid will be generated and the deed used up.

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