This is the guide to Making money as a beginning Bounty Hunter.

If your not a Bounty Hunter,Click here.

==NPC Bounty Hunter missions== This technique works best when your CL 10+.

Find a Bounty Hunter Mission Terminal and click on it.

Find a mission with a minimum payout of 5K.

Choose the mission and wait for the waypoint.

Open the planetary map and check the waypoint.

If the waypoint is not near a city with a shuttleport,Choose another mission.

When you get a mission near a city with a shuttleport,Take a shuttle there and eliminate your target.

==PvP Bounty Hunter missions== When 1 player kills another player,That player can put a bounty on their killer.

When your CL 22,You can take PvP Bounty Hunter missions,But wait until your CL 40+ to take a PvP mission.

While your doing NPC Bounty Hunter missions,Save 200 credits from each mission,When you reach CL 40,Use the saved money to buy Arakyd droids and Seeker droids.

==PvP Smuggler Bounty Hunter missions== With chapter 3,Smugglers can automatically appear on Bounty Hunter mission terminals when they take a PvP smuggling mission.

Do these missions as you would any other PvP Bounty Hunter mission.

==PvP Bounty Hunter mission type 2== This technique is frowned upon by many players,But praised by some.

If a player for some reason doesn't like another player,They may hire a Bounty Hunter to trick that player into dueling them.

Of course,After the duel begins,The Bounty Hunter will kill the other player.

In my first month of SWG,I had a CL 90 Bounty Hunter clad in Mandalorian armor trick me into dueling him by telling me he'd give me a Jetpack.

I belive the player that hired him to kill me had payed him a considerable amount,So this technique can make money fairly quickly.

After he killed me,I simply Add Ignored him.

Note:Not only Bounty Hunters can do this mission type.

==End== These are all of the Bounty Hunter money techniques i can think of that i've had success with.

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