There are six total lessons over 24 total levels for the Man Hunter:

  • Bounty Hunter Essentials I -- Levels 22-25
    The man hunter should always be training, learning better methods of attack to take down targets. However, learning to fight while wearing armor is also important, so that the target doesn't take down the man hunter.
  • Bounty Hunter Essentials II -- Levels 26-29
    By this time, the man hunter should have mastered the essential ability of disabling the target with his or her weapon of choice.
  • Bounty Hunter Essentials III -- Levels 30-33
    No matter how dangerous the man hunter is, there is always someone that is more dangerous. Keeping your weapons training and attack skills up to date are crucial.
  • Bounty Hunter Essentials IV -- Levels 34-37
    The man hunter should have at least some basic personal first aid training. It could be quite useful after a particularly brutal contract is carried out.
  • Bounty Hunter Essentials V -- Levels 38-41
    Sometimes it is more useful to throw snares and traps to disable your opponent rather than using a weapon outright. The man hunter will learn the basic use of these devices.
  • Bounty Hunter Essentials VI -- Levels 42-45
    Before advancing in their careers, most man hunters try to increase their fighting ability at least once more, to become as lethal in combat as possible.

After passing the sixth lesson and 45th level, the Man Hunter may then work toward the Assassin rank.

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