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Post-NGE, players are still able to obtain the chest plate, leggings, and the left and right biceps of this armor by completing the Marauder Themepark. However, all the protection stats have been removed from the armor, making it armor only in name.

Marauder Recon armor is "reconnaissance armor", it can be crafted (with stats) by a Munitions Trader who has completed the series of quests from Macchbraus on Endor. This armor can vary greatly in effectiveness depending on the type of materials used and the skill of the armorsmith.

Marauder armor s02
Marauder Reconnaissance Armor set
Armor Polymer Scaley
Fiber Panel
Armor Cores
Boots 10 12 1 1 --
Chestplate* 50 25 1 1 3
Gloves 10 7 1 1 --
Helmet* 40 35 1 1 2
Left Bicep* 25 12 1 1 1
Left Bracer* 25 12 1 1 1
Leggings* 45 22 1 1 2
Right Bicep* 25 12 1 1 1
Right Bracer* 25 12 1 1 1
Total 255 149 9 9 11
multiples are identical
Experimentation* Condition: DR 33%, OQ 33%, SR 33%


The armor schematics are rewards from doing the munitions trader quests given by Macchbraus on Endor.

This entire armor set (with full resistances) can be obtained via the frogs on Test Center.

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