Level 41

Description Edit

Galiir Ac Yander requires that contact with a deep cover agent, Mark Hieks (1286 -3180), within the A.L.C.O. office be made and assistance rendered.

Mark Hieks needs monitoring devices attached to several key A.L.C.O. computers.

After speaking with Mark Hieks, your journal will be updated with the following objectives:


Equipment Manifest Computer Tap: (Ground Floor 1300 -3159)

Medical Computer Tap: (Ground Floor 1288 -3169)

Personnel Computer Tap: (1st Floor 1271 -3152)

Operations Computer Tap: (1st Floor 1275 -3172)

After Completing these return to Mark Hieks.

He will then ask you if you would do some missions for the empire.

Next: Rebel Inspectors

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