Purvis Arrison of Mos Eisley on Tatooine is your marksman profession trainer and really cares that you do well even if he can't always remember you. He has a series of task to help you learn the skills of a scout. As a new character, you were probably sent to him by Mayor Mikdanyell Guh'rantt as part of the Mos Eisley starter quest, one of a sequence of new character quests.

Cleaning up Tusken ZealotsEdit

Purvis sends you out to Junktown to kill 5 Tusken zealots (just follow the waypoint). Since he is teaching you to be a marksman, it might be a good time to find that ranged weapon rattling around in your inventory and try it out (but you don't need to).

Kill more Tusken ZealotsEdit

After teaching you some about ranged weapons, he mentions that Jabba the Hutt seems to be behind the Tusken troubles. He then sends you out to kill 10 more Tusken zealots.

Once More the Zealots Will FallEdit

After you return, Pervis teaches you more about fighting with ranged weapons and then sends you back out to kill 10 more Tusken zealots (look at the bright side, if his memory was better, it might have been 15 more). When done, speak to him again and head back to the mayor.

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