Max Rebo at his Nalargon

Game InfoEdit

Max is the leader of Jabba's house band, based in his Palace on Tatooine.

Other members of the band include:

Star Wars LoreEdit

Siiruulian Phantele was the real name of the musician better known as "Max Rebo." He was a skinny Ortolan, the youngest of five children.

A young musician, he was often seen playing music at a flanth house, and accepted food as his only payment. This was where he was discovered by Evar Orbus, who was on the lookout for a talented yet exploitable entertainer. Orbus approached Phantele, promising him that he would never need to go hungry again, provided that he signed his musical services over. Phantele's constant pursuit of food told him that this was an opportunity not to be missed. Phantele signed himself over to Orbus, and on the recommendation of his new manager, changed his name to Max Rebo. Shortly after, the Max Rebo Band was formed. Evar Orbus was killed soon after the formation of the band, and this was when Sy Snootles encouraged Rebo to take lead of the musical group. Snootles, however, discreetly controlled the band herself, letting naive Rebo take the credit as frontman. She did this in order to avoid becoming the target of those that the band might - and most likely would - potentially anger. Snootles' plan had terrible repercussions for the band however, when Rebo signed the entire band over to Jabba the Hutt in exchange for an unlimited supply of food.

The band was confined to performing in Jabba's Palace, until Jabba died at the hands of Leia Organa and the Rebels. Rebo set out on his own solo career, and after many tours, joined the New Republic to entertain soldiers. He eventually left the music industry, and opened his own chain of restaurants: Max's Flanth House. He became quite rich, and finally settled on Coruscant.

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