Mayor Gramm Rile is the leader of the small town of Mos Taike on Tatooine. He is usually found near the cloning station at location (3885. 2353). He is concerned about protecting the town from Tusken raiders who are threatening the townsfolk and travelers alike.

The mayor has a number of missions for you to do.

These missions all involve finding an NPC at a specific waypoint and returning to the mayor after speaking to him or her. Although the descriptions sometimes ask you to escort the NPC back to town, you can just return at your own speed and the NPC will show up eventually (not to worry)

Mission 1: The SurveyorEdit

You are given a waypoint to an imperial surveyor who is late arriving and presumed lost. Find him, give him food and water, and show him the way to town. The mayor rewards you with 200cr.

Mission 2: Merg ThandoEdit

You are given a waypoint to a farmer who needs an escort to come into town to talk to the mayor about supplying water. When you bring him to town, the mayor rewards you with 500cr.

Mission 3: "businessman"Edit

Now that the mayor knows that the Imperials will not help, he is willing to look for help in other directions. You are given a waypoint to an agent of Jabba the Hutt. You are to escort him back so that the mayor can ask for Jabba's aid in protecting the town. The mayor rewards you with 750cr before sitting down with him.

Mission 4: Mrs. RileEdit

Now that the mayor knows the cost for Jabba's protection, he is bringing everyone into town and is planning of fighting it out with the Tuskens if that is what is needed. He asks you to bring his wife into town and gives you a waypoint to where she is. You find her with a trail of 12 or so Tusken bodies behind her and take her back to town. The mayor rewards you with 1200cr.

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