Recommended combat levels: 40 and higher


  • 12040 credits
  • 14932 quest xp


Pech Seki (-5725 -2290) wants to quit the Meatlumps. He has left his bag and box in the Meatlump Cave, and begs you to enter it and find them, he dare not re-enter the cave. The cave is guarded by:

  • Meatlump Simps (CL38)
  • Meatlump Nerps (CL39)

Once you enter the cave, fight your way to the bottom and search for Seki's belongings. They are located:

/way white -5845 -2453 Seki's Strongbox;
/way white -5760 -2363 Seki's Bag;

Once you have them both, return to Seki for your reward.

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