Level: 40


  • None


Now you need to locate the Wookie Medical officer, Syirlabradawk (/way orange -4555 -3308 Syirlabradawk)

He refuses to leave without treating the other prisoners, but in order to treat them he needs his supplies, Surgical Tools, Bio Analyzer and Chemical Bag.

/way -4560 -3285 Bio Analyzer;
/way -4586 -3341 Chemical Bag;
/way -4629 -3314 Surgical Tools;

Kill the Torture Officer to obtain the Bio Analyzer. Kill the Supply Officer for the Chemical Bag. Collect the Surgical tools from the medical droid.

Once you have his tools return to Syirlabradawk to complete the quest. Syirlabradawk says he will treat the other prisoners then flee the facility.

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