Name came from the Valley of Meggido, which in the Book of Revelations is where the final battle takes place between Good and Evil.

Megiddo was the 2nd home of the PVP guild Against The Odds and was built in secret just prior to the launch of the Combat Upgrade. Megiddo was designed to encourage Player Vs Player combat and further the ongoing GCW - the site was chosen as it was believed that the lag would be less than at ATO's previous home of Strongbadia, Naboo.

The city design was a rectangular of houses facing inward with a cantena, 2 player malls, guild hall, and shuttle pad. There was also 2 museums one owned by Thori and the other Kelaigh.

City also known as the Neverland Ranch, inspired by the real thing.

City of ATO that housed two malls, and Player Bases. It was a known PvP center.

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