Mensix Mining Facility

Mensix mining map

Map of Mensix Mining Facility

Mensix Mining Facility is a huge mining installation on Mustafar and the only place to find a Starport on the entire planet – players are forced to travel here via shuttle if they want to visit the planet, as there is no direct travel for starships.

Mensix is the hub of activity on Mustafar. Inside the compound are all of the expected facilities of a large static city, as well as many quest NPCs, including Milo Mensix, the owner and manager of the facility, as well as the founder of Mensix Corporation.

Game InfoEdit

Quest NPCsEdit

/way mustafar 308 -1268 Chief Armstrong;
/way mustafar 442 -1228 Epo Qetura;
/way mustafar 335 -1127 Foreman Chivos;
/way mustafar 366 -1156 Ikt;
/way mustafar 435 -1215 Ithes Olok;
/way mustafar 386 -1156 Menth Paul;
/way mustafar 307 -1222 Mining Corporation Executive;
/way mustafar 447 -1117 Pwwoz Pwwa;
/way mustafar 431 -1231 Q4P3;
/way mustafar 313 -1267 Surveyor Jo Keslev;

Other NPCsEdit

/way mustafar 369 222 -1256 Mensix Corp. Merchant;


Items of InterestEdit

A few of these items give quests.

  • Vat of Bleach (442, -1220)
  • Bleached Jundak Skull (371, 1258)
  • Kubaza Beetle Beads (367, -1256)
  • Mining Network Terminal (371, -1215)

Player ServicesEdit

Star Wars LoreEdit

The Mensix Mining Facility, also known as mining facility AG3-T, was a mining installation on Mustafar built by Mensix Corp on the ruins of the Klegger Corp Mining Facility destroyed at the end of the Clone Wars.

The destruction of their mining facility left Klegger Corp bankrupt, thus allowing Mensix Mining Company to take over as the primary mining operation on Mustafar.

The Mensix Facility was nearly an identical replica of the original installation, and even used the same technologies dating back to the days of the Galactic Republic. It could process almost five thousand metric tons of raw materials harvested from the rich lava flows every day.


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