Name of city: Mordor
Faction: Imperial
Population: unknown
Status: City
Specialization: unknown
City Services: Cantina, Parking Garage
Mayor: William-dorn
Location: Northeast of Kor Vella, immediately west of the Agrilat Swamp, Corellia, Bloodfin

Terminals at : /way xxx xxx
  • Mission Terminal
  • Rebellion Mission Terminal
  • Explorer Mission Terminal
  • Entertainer Mission Terminal
  • Artisan Mission Terminal
Trainers at : /way xxx xxx

Mordor was established the day of the Player City patch as Port Agrilat, named after the Agrilat Crystal Swamps to the immediate east. The founding guilds (PWND and PK) had searched several planets for an optimal location, and chose this spot for its closeness to the starports in Kor Vella (only 3 km away, an easy run in the days before creature mounts and speederbikes), large amounts of placeable land, and the adjacent swamp Battlefield (Imperial vs Rebel pvp). It was also adjacent to the first Imperial Detachment Headquarters on Corellia (possibly on Bloodfin). It was originally founded with an independent mayor as a neutral town, but both Imperial guilds pushed for the town to be Imperial and forced the neutral / Rebel guilds out.

As Port Agrilat, the town reached a peak as a Metropolis. It featured "neighborhoods", which featured one park or fountain with a collection of surrounding houses. It was at times a research center, entertainment district, medical center, and Imperial stronghold.

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