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Mount is a beast that can be used for transportation. Most mounts are created by Beast Masters who have the Create Mount expertise. Some mounts can be gained as quest rewards, collection rewards or expansion rewards.

Travel speed Edit

Dewback mount

A dewback mount on Corellia

Every mount moves at different speeds when walking (holding the Shift key down), running, and galloping. All speeds are listed in meters per second, and time in seconds. For reference, an unencumbered player runs at five meters per second (5 m/s).

Species Walk speed Run speed
Bantha 2.9 12
Blurrg 2.7 11.8
Bol 2.95 12.5
Bolotaur 3 13.5
Borgax 2.47 12.5
Brackaset 2.69 12.5
Carrion Spat 2.45 12.5
Co-henpa 2.7 11.8
Cu Pa 2.7 11.8
Dewback 2.95 12.5
Eopie 2.69 12.5
Falumpaset 2.69 12.5
Graul 2.9 12.5
Kaadu 2.47 12.5
Kashyyyk bantha 2.9 12
Kwi 2.7 11.8
Lava Flea 2.9 12
Nerf 2.9 12.5
Peko Peko 2.95 2.5
Rancor 2.9 12.5
Snorbal 2.95 12.5
Toxic Peko-Peko 2.95 12.5
Tulrus 2.95 12.5
Varactyl 2.95 12.5
Whisper bird 2.95 12.5
Horned Dewback 2.95 12.5
Reptilian flyer 2.95 12.5
Tauntaun 2.7 11.8
Gualaar ? .?
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Average speed takes into account a mount's running speed, its gallop speed and duration, and its gallop rest time. It calculates the total distance covered by a mount's gallop, the total distance run during the gallop rest time, and then calculates the average speed travelled during that time. The total calculation is such:

Mount avg speed

This is an approximation of your mount's average speed assuming you gallop as soon as your mount is rested.

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