Details Edit

Name: Remanants of Navik

Server: Flurry

'Hunter's Fortune' Navik flagship

Faction: Mixed

Location: Chattza, Dantooine, Waypoint 5034 3827

History Edit

Origins Edit

The Remanants of Navik are a recently formed rodian clan whose name is borrowed from the rodian "Navik the red" We accept only rodians into our clan but on occasion we do allow other non-humans to enter if their skills are valuable. Under NO circumstances other than by a substantial donation of credits or rare items is a human allowed into the guild.

Creation Edit

The Remanants of Navik has been formed very recently, we are a very active guild and welcome new members.

Community Edit

Values Edit

We are not faction affiliated and consider ourselves to be a hunting clan, running hunting expeditions for our clan.

Admission Edit

We welcome rodians of any level and other skilled non-humans. If you wish to join contact any of these members listed below:

  • Tre'elo Baruke(Guild Leader)
  • Renlo Baruke(Clan Engineer and mayor of Chattza)
  • Fern'ando Baruke(Entertainer)
  • Eecroo(leading spy)

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