The New JEDl Order is a roleplaying guild on the Bria server and adheres to guidelines about spatial chat for roleplaying.

The guild has a very structured ranking and progression, Master/Padawan, Paths of Study/Schools, Events, and great roleplaying community of mature members.

Founder of the Order: Or-ion Sol


Grandmaster: Or-ion Sol

The Schools

Jedi Consular: Though they are skilled in combat like all Jedi, Consulars choose to study the mysteries of the force over actual combat. They are the primary scholars and diplomats of the Jedi Order.

Lightsaber Color Crystals: Green and Sunrider's Destiny

Grand Master:

Oracle Master:

Guardian Master:

Jedi Sentinel: Sentinels found a balance between the Guardian and Consular paths, often being efficient in both but not as good as one or the other as the other two paths. Sentinels are also skilled in electronic, stealth, and medical abilities, often being used as ambassadors for the Order or spys sent to investigate unusual concentrations of the force.

Lightsaber Color Crystals: Yellow, Orange, Brown, Bondara's Folly and Bnar's Sacrifice

Grand Master:

Sentinel Watchmen:

Shadow Master:

Jedi Guardian: This path is for those who show strong promise in battle. Guardians strive to learn the ways of martial combat and are often the first to be seen on a battlefield. They are also considered to be the Jedi Order's Special Police, often undertaking assignments most Jedi could not handle combat wise.

Lightsaber Color Crystals: Blue, Permafrost, Kenobi's Legacy and Sunrider's Destiny

Grand Master:

Guardian Warrior Master:

Guardian Temple Knight:

Jedi Mystic: Mystics are Consulars whoever to the dark side also have attempted to study the knowledge of the dark side to better understand it and control it. They are similar to Consulars in every aspect except for their more extensive attunement with the dark side, sadly this often results in a few mystics turning to the dark side.

Lightsaber Color Crystals: Purple, Windu's Guile


Mystic Guardian:

Mystic Shaman:

NJO does have some basic requirements and steps to join:

~ Be the Jedi Profession

~ Register on their forums : [1]

~ Watch the recruitment video in its entirety.

~ Read through all the posts on Paths of Study, Ranks, Saber Colors and all the helpful information there.

~ Post on the forums requesting to join.

(Please add your character's level and your requested path as a side-note)

~ Characters cannot have a offensive or l33t style name.

~ You must be Rebel - as most of our events involve this.

~ To join hopefuls MUST attend one of the Induction Ceremonies either

on Sat. at 10am PST or Sun. at 8pm PST.

Also hopefuls, before joining, are expected to know the School they wish to join, the saber color required the ranking system, and be able to talk about the recruitment video.

May the Force be with you...


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