Naritus is an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment. Set to be shutdown October 15, 2009

Community Edit

Name Origin Edit

A New Republic Mon Calamari MC80a cruiser named Naritus was a veteran of New Republic military operations when it was assigned to intercept Belindi Kalenda's Ugly starfighter when it arrived at Coruscant, following her discovery of rise of the Human League on Corellia. Captained by Genkal, it assisted in eliminating the last of the Khuiumin Survivors, and later assisted in the evacuation of the Thanta Zilbra system (see the Corellian Incident).

Additional Information Edit

During the latter half of 2007 many guild's and individual players started transferring to other servers. Mainly Bloodfin and Starsider

Naritus Suffered from the loss of many players due to server transfers to other servers. (update) In the wake of the FCTS about 75% of the active players of Naritus transferred to Flurry server. most of the remainder moved to Starsider. As of this writing most planets on the naritus galaxy are complete ghost towns. most player cities have gone belly up and the starports are the only remaining shuttle access. The Naritus server no longer supports any kind of viable player community. at peak times you might find up to 10 players online and during off peak hours there's about 3 people online. If your a returning Vet looking for your old friends. Before you use the FCTS, check either Flurry or Starsider to see what server your old friends moved to.

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