NewThyrsus 6-23-09a

New Thyrsus at Twilight


New Thyrsus Mayor's Office


City Hall of New Thyrsus

NewThyrsus 6-23-09b

Aayn Ruor, Mayor of New Thyrsus

New Thyrsus

New Thyrsus, Naboo is the home city of the -TSG Thyrsus Sun Guard Guild. The city is located NW of Theed on the Tarquinas server. The mayor is Aayn Ruor. Currently we offer a free small style house to new citizens. Contact him if you are interested in joining our city. The city has a garage, cloning facility, numerous trader shops, bank as well as an imperial, bounty hunter, entertainer and explorer mission terminals. Thanks for looking!

With the Free Character Transfer, Aayn, the city Mayor, Imecc, Eecof, Netachie and Oheupo have transferred to the Starsider Server. As of June 21, 2009 New Thyrsus has been rebuilt on the Starsider server on Dantooine. We are located SW of the Imperial Outpost. When you transfer please mail one of us. We welcome all Imperial and neutral players.

Long live -TSG, We will Remember thee Tarquinas.

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