Nurla Slinthiss is an enterprising Twi'lek who can be found in the Dearic cantina, on Talus.
/way talus 435 -2948 Nurla Slinthiss

Mission 1 - CorSec Delivery Edit

Nurla Sends you to deliver a message to a CorSec Captain just outside Dearic. She warns that he may not like the content, and to never mind his threats.


  • 25 Credits
  • 5 Thug Faction Points
  • -5 CorSec Faction Points

Mission 2 - Rescue the Devoted Employee Edit

The CorSec Captain is 'interrogating' one of Nurla's Employees, and its your job to rescue him.

  • 2 CorSec troopers (CL34) guard a Bothan Information Broker. You only need to Converse with the Bothan to complete the quest.


  • 50 Credits
  • 10 Thug Faction
  • -10 CorSec Faction

Mission 3 - Traitorous Accountant Edit

Nurla's accountant has turned on her, selling information to the Hutts. Time to silence this traitor.

  • The CL1 accountant is escorted by 2 hostile CL15 Jabba's Enforcer


  • 75 Credits
  • 10 Thug Faction

Mission 4 - The Assassin Edit

The Hutts hired an assassin to take out Nurla... but she's got a plan. You.


  • 75 Credits
  • 10 Thug Faction

This completes all of Nurla's Quests

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