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OIC Edit

Shorthand for "Oh, I see"

OMG Edit

Shorthand for "oh my God.'

OMW Edit

Shorthand for "on my way."

OP Edit

Original Post. Term used in the SWG forums

OQ Edit

Overall Quality. Refers to resources.

ORH Edit

Shorthand for Old Republic Hilt. There are two different verions to loot: one handed at HK-47 (VERY RARE) and the two handed at Sher Kar (Also rare, but less than HK-47)

OT Edit

Original Trilogy. Refers to Episodes IV-VI.

Overt Edit

Old terminology for a player who is declared. Equivalent to Special Forces, which is used on the ground. Still used in space, but limitations in space were designed the same as current Faction Settings system.

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