Name of City: Oceanside
Faction: Mixed
Population: 85+ (Metro)
Status: Active
Specialization: None
Mayor: Rayin
Location: Naboo, Intrepid, /way -2891 6043

Other information:

Other information: Oceanside has all the amenities of a big city including a shuttleport, cantina, vehical garage, hospital, a crafting house, mall and much much more. Small, medium and large housing is avalible in this tax free and extremly organized city located on a beautiful beach just north of Theed.

Garage : /way xxxx xxxx
Cloner : /way xxxx xxxx
Shuttleport : /way xxxx xxxx
Cantina : /way xxxx xxxx
Medical Center : /way xxxx xxxx
Shopping Mall : /way xxxx xxxx
Terminals at : /way xxxx xxxx
Mission Terminals : /way xxxx xxxx
Banking Terminals : /way xxxx xxxx
Rebellion Mission Terminal : /way xxxx xxxx
Imperial Mission Terminal : /way xxxx xxxx

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