Ellis Arrison

This is the first profession quest given to the Officer. To start this quest, inspect the Officer's Report. It will tell you to head to Tatooine and speak with Ellis Arrison (3462, -4677).

Level: 14


Your first officer mission, given to you on Tatooine by Ellis Arrison.

Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher

Go and Speak with Ellis ArrisonEdit

You can find Ellis Arrison in Mos Eisley on Tatooine inside the Guild Hall at 3462, -4677. Speak to him.

Ellis Arrison: So, you're an officer, eh? That's how they're making em these days, hmm? Fine. We'll do what we can.
PC: What's wrong with me?
Ellis Arrison: I didn't say there was anything wrong with you, did I? No, I didn't! That's the problem, people don't listen anymore.
PC: Sorry. Man, you're quick tempered.
Ellis Arrison: I'm old. Chalk it up to that.
PC: What did you want?
Ellis Arrison: Right. If you're going to lead soldiers into battle, then you've got to know about battle. So what I want is for you to get yourself in a fight.
PC: With who?
Ellis Arrison: Does it matter? Course not. Fightin's fightin. But since you seem to be set on having a specified enemy, try the Krayt Cultists.

Kill Krayt CultistsEdit

Ellis will send you the Krayt Cult Cave (3447, -4186) about 500m away. In the cave you will find a few Krayt Cult Ministrants (CL 8) and Krayt Cult Monks (CL 10). You need to kill a total of 15 of them. Once you're done with that, Ellis will come over the comm-link with an update.

Ellis Arrison: Good work taking care of those Cultists. Now I want you to defeat the monks. 5 of them. They're the toughest.

Kill Krayt Cult MonksEdit

Like the description states, you now need to kill 5 Krayt Cult Monks. They are all CL 10, so they should prove to be too much of an issue. Once you are done, Ellis will once again come over the comm-link.

Ellis Arrison: Excellent work. You'll make a fine officer. Come back and see me now.

Return to EllisEdit

Head back to Ellis in Mos Eisley and talk to him to finish the quest.

Ellis Arrison: Finished, eh? I knew you'd do it. You have it in you, that spark. I can see it. I always know.

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