This facility was destroyed and abandoned shortly before the end of the Clone Wars. Salvage crews who investigated the facility after its destruction found the bodies of the seperatist leaders, including Viceroy Gunray, murdered by a lightsaber.

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At sometime during the the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems constructed a droid factory inside a lava lake deep within the mountain. It remained a closely guarded secret, hidden and for an unknown reason unused until after the end of the Clone Wars

The mining facility was abandoned and almost destroyed when it was host to the violent duel between two unknown Jedi in 19 BBYA salvage team eventually traveled to the facility and found the remains of the Separatist leaders, One of them remained at the facility, locating and re-activating a secret droid factory hidden within a mountain. 

The facility was eventually destroyed when stormtroopers were sent to Mustafar to crush the droid uprising, after placing an orbital strike beacon at a strategic point of the base, The Factory was pounded into molten slag.

Years later, the ruined complex would be replaced by the Mensix Mining Facility in operation during the Galactic Civil War.

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