Stonewall Laboratories on Naboo


Inside Stonewall

Level: 28


  • 12190 Quest XP
  • 10829 credits
  • Schematic: Droideka Personal Shield (armor buff)


Head to Stonewall Labs(5825 -1969), a defunct droid research facility. The compound is heavily guarded:

Enter the complex, find and slay the Droideka to get the part you need:

  • Old Republic Droideka (CL29) (/way 5921 -1904), 5 minute respawn timer

Once you kill it, return to the RSF computer in Theed. Access the computer, input the new information about the droid module, and quest is complete.

Additionally: Relics available

Ion Relic Pistol from Rare Pistol Weapons Mark I collection
/way Naboo 5856 -1883 Rare Pistol Weapons Mark I Collection #10

Next: Old Republic Droid Modules: The Gungan Battle Droid

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