Previous Quest: >> RSF Mainframe

Level: 28


  • 12190 Quest Xp
  • 10258 credits


Head out to the Skaak Tipper Hideout in Kaadara (6699 7187) and locate the mouse droid which has the chip you require. The hideout is full of Skaaks (CL21-24) that usually attack on sight.

The mouse droid is located inside the hideout and is easily locatable by finding the white dot on the map (near 6615 7104) - select it, open the radial menu, select "Remove Chip", then it blows up, but you have what you need. The spawn time on the mouse droid is approx 1 minute. Return to the RSF Computer in Theed and access the mainframe:

  • Query: Old Republic Droid Modules (then)
  • Update Information about acquisition of a droid module: Quest Complete! (then)
  • Return to Old Republic Droid Modules Front Page: and get the next quest.

Next Quest: Old Republic Droid Modules: Borvo’s Battle Droid

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