This mysterious building dates back to the days of the Old Republic. The few excursions that have taken place into this facility have resulted in disaster, since, despite its age, the facility's defences are still highly active. Only the very brave (or the very foolish) step beyond its doors in search of the wealth of Old Republic technology that it must hold.

Secluded in the northwestern part of Berken’s Flow (2107, 3099), this facilty was once the home to researchers of the Old Republic. While the facility is still somewhat operational, the researchers have left and the place is filled with security droids and some rare Mustafarian creatures.

The facility itself is actually an instanced dungeon. There are three quests

that require you (and will gain you access) to enter the facility:

Map credits: Kindarin Chin'tal - Starsider Server

Creatures & Enemies inside the facilityEdit

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