Lt. Olvog

In preparation of the battle of Restuss, the Empire is calling in Dark Troopers. Lieutenant Olvog (4781, 5771) needs your help in making sure a few never make it.

Level: 55
Prerequisites: None
Repeatable: Yes

Conversation with Lieutenant OlvogEdit

Lieutenant Olvog: Good to have you here, soldier, I hope you came prepared to fight. The Empire is still calling in their Dark Troopers from around the galaxy. We need to make sure they never get here. If you can thin out their numbers by 5 before they get to Restuss, it will be a big blow to the Imperial army.
PC: I can handle it, sir!
Lieutenant Olvog: You seem like the type that can...let's just leave it at that. We can use soldiers like you in the upcoming conflict. For the Alliance!


The Empire is bringing in their Dark Troopers to assist in Restuss. Hunt then down and defeat them before they even reach Rori. Not: Only enemies designated exactly as 'Dark Trooper' will count toward mission completion.

Finding the Dark TroopersEdit

The best place to find the Dark Troopers is a POI in the SW corner of Naboo called, the Weapon Development Facility. The place is guarded by a handful of Stormtroopers and about 2-3 AT-ST's. But once you get past them, it's full of Dark Troopers, so you should have no trouble getting 5 kills.

Of course, once you get your 5 kills, head back to Lieutenant Olvog to complete this quest.

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