PA Name: The Going-Commando Party Squad

PA Abbreviation: PARTY PA Mission Statement: To PARTTTYYY! Part band, part dancing troupe, part combat squad... all for one purpose: to exercise our right to jam, get down, rock, rave, whatever your thing is. While our purpose is heavily focused on player events (emphasizing dancers and musicians), we also have events and get togethers for resident combatants, crafters, doctors, etc. . Roleplaying is encouraged but not required (I personally don't see why pvp and RP-ing should be distinguished from each other. Both are welcome). We are in the process of starting an entertainment district city on Naboo and our guild hall is also open for community and event use (more info on website).

  1. of members: Approx 35

Location: Naboo, on the coastline north of Theed (-6091, 6819)

Requirements to be considered for membership: (such as faction, profession, attitude, etc.): A sense of humor, lol... Our emphasis is going to be on neutral, though rebels and imperials are welcome, pending they are willing to get along with guildmates despite factional differences.


Guild Leaders: Laera Cass and Cyan

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