These stages and other types of venues and effects can be the setting for a wide variety of player events, from guild meetings to special events to weddings. These Player Event Perks can be the focus of an event. See also PEP Decorations for Storytelling.


  • Stage—2,500 credits

Other SitesEdit

  • Arch—1,950 credits
  • Destroyed Podracer—2,450 credits
  • Destroyed Transport - Back Half—4,500 credits
  • Destroyed Transport - Front Half—4,500 credits
  • Fire Pit—1,250 credits

Persisted Special EffectsEdit

  • Blazing Fire—6,000 credits
  • Broken Electronics—6,000 credits
  • Electricity—6,000 credits
  • Fog—6,000 credits
  • Force Shield—6,000 credits
  • Smoke, Large—6,000 credits
  • Smoke—6,000 credits

Immediate Special EffectsEdit

  • Artillery Strikes—3,250 credits
  • Bats—600 credits
  • Butterflies—600 credits
  • Electrical Charge—1,600 credits
  • Explosion 01—2,500 credits
  • Explosion 02—2,500 credits
  • Explosion 03—2,500 credits
  • Explosion 04—2,500 credits
  • Green Splurt—1,500 credits
  • Imperial Airstrike—3,250 credits
  • Insect Grenade—2,250 credits
  • Landing: Imperial Transport—6,000 credits
  • Landing: Rebel Transport—6,00 credits
  • Landing: Transport—6,000 credits
  • Landmine Explosion 01—2,800 credits
  • Landmine Explosion 02—2,800 credits
  • Lava Fire—2,500 credits
  • Moths—600 credits
  • Rebel Airstrike—3,250 credits
  • Sky Battle: TIE Bomber vs B-Wing 01—4,000 credits
  • Sky Battle: TIE Bomber vs B-Wing 02—4,000 credits
  • Sky Battle: TIE Bomber vs B-Wing 03—4,000 credits
  • Sky Battle: TIE vs X-Wing 01—4,000 credits
  • Sky Battle: TIE vs X-Wing 02—4,000 credits
  • Sky Battle: TIE vs X-Wing 03—4,000 credits
  • White Sparks—1,750 credits

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