Palejo Reshad

Palejo Reshad is a spice trader with some work to be done. Are you tough enough to help him out?

Game InfoEdit

In the cantina of Bela Vistal stands Palejo Reshad, a spice trader loosely affiliated with Jabba's gang.

/way corellia 6700 -5755 Palejo Reshad;

He is looking for someone to help him out of a jam, and is willing to pay. His quests have not been updated with xp post-NGE, do not appear in the quest journal, and his rewards are small. Nevertheless, his quests are worth doing for the sake of game play and backstory.


Level: none


  • 500 credits

Reshad says you look like you have a friendly face, so maybe you can give him a hand. He says that he always operates within the law... mostly... and that he was recently recorded doing a little deal with some of the Hutts. He says that he is being blackmailed with the recording, and he'd like you to go and "convince" his blackmailer to stop. For good.

The location Reshad gives you is off in the mountains close to Bela Vistal, and his accuser (CL11) attacks you on sight. Put him to rest and return to Reshad. He thanks you, and tells you that if he ever needs anything done, he'll be sure and look you up.

Star Wars LoreEdit

Palejo Reshad was a Corellian spice trader. He made a large profit by selling spice in Jabba's Palace and then secretly used parts of the profit to help fund the Rebel Alliance. Reshad appears very briefly in Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi.

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