It was on the 16th of December 2003 when Alrevolis Vosteo founded Pax Imperia on the river a couple of kilometers west from the starport of Kor Vella. In December 2004 Wulfman took over as Mayor of Pax Imperia.

Today, Pax Imperia is still an active Player city on Wanderhome. There are shops run by Traders, Imperial installations, alls facilities of a Metropolis and last but not least many player events. Even Lord Vader himself came to Pax Imperia twice in the last three years!

Player City Name: Pax Imperia
Player Association Affiliated: Imperial Special Operations Command, Mortis Insurrectum (and Guildless Players)
Current Mayor: Wulfman
Location (Coordinates, nearest city, planet): -4875, 2140 near Kor Vella, Corellia
Planned City Specialization (ex. Entertainment, Research): Research Center
City Faction (Neutral, Rebel, Imperial): Imperial
Property Taxes (Include current percentage): None
Sales Taxes (Include current percentage):None
Citizen Taxes (Include amount):None
Number of members currently: 70
Website URL:
City founded: 16.12.2003

Pax Imperia is also the Headquarter of ISOC, after merging with NIF (PA), MI (PA) and Tyranny (PA) in May 2007.

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