This is a quest reward dance requiring the Entertainer to complete a series of tasks before being allowed to perform it. The large floorspace requirements is one of the reasons you don't see it performed very often. This dance now requires level 46 to learn.

Peiyi (Dance) Edit

(Short description of the first base dance)

Quest Info Edit

Talk to Pei Yi at (382 -1141) in the Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar, she's in the Cantina.

She will give you her story, and toward the end she will ask if you want to learn her dance, you ask her to teach it to you, and she will.


  • Peiyi (Dance)

Note Edit

Have to be Novice Dancer to get this Dance. While you're there, speak to Diskret Stahn to complete the Calypso (Music) quest as well.

Dance Card Edit

Flourish NumberTimingCatchword
212.0Heel Click
313.0Blowing Kisses
49.0Stay Back
516.0Lets Get Dizzy
612.0Tush Hop
713.5What Smells?
810.0Heart Flutter

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