Number of lots required: 1
Capacity of structure in items: Hopper size depends on expermentation
Operating costs:

  • Power: 30 units/hr
  • Maintenance: 30 cr/hr

Placeable on: All Planets (except Kashyyyk)
Schematic Obtained In: Artisan >> Engineering IV: Complex Design
Skill Needed to Use: None
Item Type: Deed >> Installation >> Harvester
Resources Required:

  • 110 units of Metal
  • 60 units of Steel
  • 50 units of Low-Grade Ore
  • 15 units of Non-Ferrous Metal
  • 15 units of Aluminium

Complexity: 18
Requires: Structure and Furniture Crafting Tool
XP Gained: 425 General Crafting XP (normal)
Relevant Experimental Properties:

  • Experimental Efficiency
    • Extraction Rate
      • Heat Resistance 25%
      • Shock Resistance 25%
      • Unit Toughness 50%
  • Experimental Storage
    • Hopper Size
      • Malleability 33%
      • Unit Toughness 66%

Notes: Used to harvest resources from the ground whilst letting you get on with other things. Max BER is 4. Hopper Size depends on expermentation, however people look at the max BER before they look at the hopper size.

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