Level: 37



To start this quest, talk to Vermon Skeetz /wp -4703 -1907 in the Escaped Slave Camp near Tyrena on Corellia. Vermon Skeetz wants you to avenge him, and kill Akers Radch. He holds a terrible grudge - but perhaps there is another way to resolve this matter? He gives you a waypoint to the Corellian Slaver Bunker, where Akers is being held /wp -6406 -2141. It is useful to complete Incriminating Evidence in order to have access to all the levels of the bunker before you attempt this quest.

Once you arrive at bunker go to level two and speak with Dulor Norr /wp -6406 -1951. Norr tells you the only way to find Akers Radch is to get a datapad from one of the technicians. Kill them to loot the datapad (they are all over the bunker). Once you find the one you need, find and speak with Akers /wp -6481 -1952 on the third level (elevator down at /wp -6362 -1914 ).

Once you find him, things begin to make sense. Vermon's hatred of Akers is due to Vermon's mental illness. Akers didn't abuse him at all, it was all in Vermon's mind! Akers asks if you can get Vermon's medicine from the medical center, it is the only way to make sure that Vermon is alright. Vermon must have escaped without his medicine. Return to level two and check the Medical Computer for the medication he needs. Find the Medical Computer /wp -6301 -1942 and slice it (There is a Probulator droid (CL39) here.) Look in the Medicine Cabinet /wp -6305 -1949 and get the medicine. Return to Akers, and then leave the bunker. Return to Vermon Skeetz for your reward.

/way purple -6481 -1952 Akers;
/way purple -6301 -1942 Medical Computer;
/way purple -6305 -1949 Medicine Cabinet;

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