<< Previous Quest: A Better Life Through Genetics

Level: 43

Reward: 23403 Quest XP

Spider Smashing Edit

Next item on the agenda is killing. Lots of it. Twenty-Four Brood V Arachne and Twelve Brood V Aurek Arachne. Head back up one level since the Brood V's on the lowest level are very sparse.

Breeder Smashing Edit

Next up after the comm update are our good friends the Brood X Arachne joined by their big brother Brood X Aurek Arachne. Head back down to the lowest level and head for the room right before the large hall.

Kill two Brood X Arachne and one Brood X Aurek Arachne. They're all in the same room. Boom, Boom, Boom.

Onward Ho! Edit

After eliminating them, the next task is to find the virus with the last of the sub-quests.

Following Quest: Find the Source >>

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