Popisk provides you with some information about and the waypoint to the Squill cave.

Location: Anchorhead, Tatooine roaming the city.


You there! Have I got a deal for you! Have you ever been interested into going into business in the squill industry? How do I do that, you ask? Well, quite easily, I'll tell you. All you need to do is go out to these caves, kill a bunch of squill, then "presto!... you're in business!" Interested?

You ask, Are squill that popular of a commodity?

Are they popular? Are you kidding me? Every kid from here to Coruscant wants to get their hands on a genuine squill hide jacket! You can't go wrong with squill! That's what I always say - you just can't go wrong! So, you interested or what?

You say, Yes! Yes! Tell me more!!!

Just sign this contract here... Good, and here... excellent! All you need to do is to go out here and kill the little buggers! Once you have them down to a manageable level, we'll move in and take over - er - I mean... help your guide business endeavours.

Popisk will then give you a waypoint to the Squill Cave.

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