Currently this page is under construction. If you know of any more paintings or posters that are available please feel free to add them. Images are welcome as well.

Looted or Crafted Posters Edit

Crafted from looted items using a Printing Kit.

Looted only paintingsEdit

Chu-Gon Dar Cube Posters Edit

Crafted only PostersEdit

Crafted from a Printing Kit.

Bestine Museum Paintings Edit

The following are all made from schematic bought from the Bestine Museum Curator after you completed the Bestine Painting Election.

Painter : Boulo Siesi at Wayfar (waypoint -5239 -6566)

Painter : Vanvi Hotne at Mos Eisley (waypoint 3312 -4655)

Painter: Klepa Laeel at Mos Espa (waypoint -2768 2110)

Painter: Kahfr Oladi at Mos Eisley (waypoint 3475 -4970)

Painter: Kolka Zteht at Mos Entha (waypoint 1521 3259)

Painter: Giaal Itotr at Mos Espa (waypoint -3101 2184)

Quest Rewards Edit

Collection Rewards Edit

Also see Buddy Program Rewards.

Event PostersEdit

Demolition Event RewardsEdit

Empire Day Edit

Ewok Festival of LoveEdit

Life Day 2004 Edit

The following were given out during the holiday season in 2004.

Life Day 2005 Edit

The following were given out during the holiday season in 2005.

Life Day 2006 Edit

The following were given out during the holiday season in 2006.

Life Day 2007 Edit

The following was given out during the holiday season in 2007.

Life Day 2008 Edit

Life Day 2009 Edit

Player RewardsEdit

1 Year Anniversary Edit

The following were given out to each account randomly for Galaxies' 1 year anniversary in 2004.

1 Year Anniversary in Japan Edit

Given for the 1st Anniversary of Star Wars Galaxies in Japan

5 Year Anniversary Edit

The following were given out to each character on account during special event for Galaxies' 5 year anniversary in 2008.

30th Star Wars Anniversary Edit

Galactic Civil War Factionnal Paintings Edit

Those Paintings are available to buy form a Faction npc when you reach the Master Sergeant (Rebel) or Senior Sergeant (Imperial) rank. Those paintings are No Trade items.

Reactivation Account Rewards Edit

Japanese Server Reward Edit

Chapter 1 Rewards Edit

All active players found a Rolled-up Poster in their inventory and may create one of these Poster

Rolled-up Poster

Rolled-up Poster

Chapter 5 Reward Edit

Chapter 6 Reward Edit

Chapter 7 Reward Edit

Obtainable through the mission available from the use of the Chapter reward, the C-3PO's Comlink.

Chapter 10 Reward Edit

Game Update 15 Reward Edit

Game Update 16 Reward Edit

Community Summit Painting Gifts Edit

2006 Edit

2007 Edit

2008 Edit

2009 Edit

Galactic Settlement Initiative - Buddy Program Edit

Rewards for the Buddy Program

Star Wars Galaxies In-Game Painting Contests Edit

2008 Contest: Create a Painting

2009 Contest: Galactic Call to Arms Fan Art

2010 Contest:

Trading Card GameEdit

Promotion: Scenario rewarded PaintingsEdit

Champions of the Force Looted PaintingsEdit

Squadrons over Corellia Loot Card PaintingsEdit

Galactic Hunters Loot Card PaintingsEdit

Agents of Deception Loot Card PaintingsEdit

The Shadow Syndicate Loot Card Paintings Edit

The Nightsister's Revenge Loot Card PaintingsEdit

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